About Celiaki

What does Celiaki mean?

When you or someone in your family is diagnosed with gluten intolerance many questions arise. How serious is it? What should I eat? How will I know which foods contain gluten? How do I prepare gluten free meals?

Gluten intolerance – or ´celiaki´ as it is called in Latin – is a chronic disease caused by hyper-sensitivity to gluten and leads to damages to your small intestine. Gluten is a protein found in wheat, rye and barley.

Överkorsade axet

All you need is a little planning

The sensitivity of those who suffer from celiaki can vary, but it is best to always maintain a completely gluten free diet and never get sloppy. After some time it comes natural  to always eat gluten free, and most people with gluten intolerance don’t consider themselves to be suffering from illness.


In other words: you can continue living normally and enjoying good food – all you need is a bit of planning.


What does the symbol mean?

To those food products and manufacturers who live  who live up to very strict requirements and guidelines for gluten free manufacturing, Svenska Celiakiförbundet (Celiaki Association of Sweden) license the use of this symbol. The symbol is internationally known and recognized as a stamp of approval for products meeting the standards of being gluten free.


Read more on the Celiaki Association’s website here: celiaki.se

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