Baking gluten free

When you bake using gluten free flour mixes you can’t be expecting the exact same results as with regular flour mixes. A flour or flour mix without gluten will have other properties than normal flour. Here we offer useful tips and advice on how to succeed in your gluten free baking – with deliciously great results!


Texture of the dough

When using gluten free flour the dough is generally looser than dough baked on regular flour. Gluten free flour and flour mixes condenses more easily than other flour types and therefore you must be even more careful about adding ingredients in the right amounts. Keep in mind that gluten free dough also has less of the natural smoothness of normal dough.


Exact measuring

Be mindful that the proportion of ingredients is right. It is always best to weigh your ingredients beforehand. It is especially important to be precise with measuring when you handle larger volumes of flour mixes, whether you are baking traditional breads or cakes.


Take note that the weight per dl. varies between products but that Finax flour mixes weigh approximately 60g./dl. If you don’t have a kitchen scales you can use a measuring cup. Do not shake the poured ingredients and be careful to scrape off excess flour using a knife. Don’t add the full amount of ingredients at once but leave 0,5-1 dl. on the side for gradual adding.


Handling and working the dough
Yeast-dough must be worked thoroughly – preferably 5-10 minutes with dough machine or hand held mixer, and twice as long if you are working the dough by hand. Bread dough based on gluten free mixes are generally much looser than normal dough and, therefore, it is often easier to simply pour out the dough. When baking in bread forms or muffin cups etc. you can apply a little oil or margarine to the forms to ensure easier loosening of the finished bread or cakes.


If you add a bit of extra flour mix to make the dough denser, you should note that this often makes the bread slightly more compact and heavier, while it might also become dry slightly faster. Therefore it may be advisable to instead add a small measure of psyllium to your dough – this will give it a smoother texture and your bread or cake will be more stable.

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