Succeed with a gluten free bread

Succeed with a gluten free bread

Gluten free baking can feel a bit difficult to begin with; not least as gluten free flour and flour mixes have quite different characteristics and properties than normal flour. To help you, who wish to try or improve your skills in gluten free baking, Finax has made two videos in which our baking expert Eva guides you in how to be successful in your efforts.

We at Finax are often asked about how to bake successfully without gluten. Questions often relate to why it seems to be more difficult or whether you can always simply replace regular flour with a gluten free product.

The most important thing to keep in mind if you want good results is that gluten free flour and flour mixes have different properties than normal flour. The first thing one normally will notice is that it is more dusty than regular flour. It also tends to set faster and therefore you must take care in properly measuring out all ingredients in your recipe. It is better to actually weigh your flour ingredients rather than using a measuring cup, as this gives you a more accurate dosage.

Another obvious difference is the texture of the dough. A dough based on gluten free flour can, depending on the recipe, often be more loose than normal bread dough.

With these difference kept in mind – and just a little patience – everybody can learn to bake gluten free with success. And if there is one thing normal bread and gluten free bread really does have in common – it is definitely the wonderful smell!

Watch our video with Finax-Eva in which she will guide you step-by-step to how your gluten free baking becomes a delicious success. Good luck!

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