Succeed with gluten free pizza

Succeed with gluten free pizza

If you suffer from gluten intolerance but still crave for pizza you should definitely try our gluten free pizza dough, which always gives you a crispy and delightfully good base. We also suggest some interesting topping options but, of course, you can top with all your own favorite toppings as you like. 


With gluten free Finax Mjölmix you can have that color, texture and taste which makes your gluten free pizzas just as good as the usual. The key to succeeding with gluten free pizza is in the ingredients as well as in preparing the dough.


Our pizza dough is very simple to bake – and why not prepare an extra portion for freezing? Then it will be super easy and quick to prepare a delicious pizza some other day. Actually, there are almost no limits to what you can do with pizza! In Finax’ gluten free recipe files you will find several recipes for delicious pizza. Simply bake your pizza following our base recipe for gluten free pizza which you can find here.

But! ..if you feel you don’t have time to prepare the pizza base dough yourself, you should definitely try our readymade pizza base from CrazyBakers: this way it is super-fast and easy to add your favorite toppings and have your own gluten free pizza ready in a whiff!


Good luck and enjoy!

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