Henrik Bergqvist


  • Age: 47
  • Family: Wife and three children
  • Occupation: Self-employed
  • Gluten free living: 11 years
  • Gluten free tip: Learn a lot about food and enjoy a richer life by not seeing gluten intolerance as a limitation!


Henrik Bergqvist is 47-years old and Self-employed, currently enjoying time at home with his third child.
When his wife was pregnant with their first child 11 years ago he started feeling very ill.


When did you change to a gluten free diet and why?

When my wife was pregnant with our first child 11 years ago I was starting to feel very ill. Actually I felt terrible more or less the whole time. We tried to laugh about it and agreed that perhaps it was fair enough that we “shared some of the burdens” of the pregnancy. But after 3 months of feeling ill it was no longer a laughing matter so I went for some tests – results showed that I sufferd from gluten intolerance. Immediately after receiving that news I began excluding gluten from my diet and quickly started feeling much better and came back to normal health.


What is most difficult about eating gluten free?

I must say that I actually don’t see it as much of a problem. In a way I look at it as an advantage that I can’t be having cakes and cookies with my afternoon coffee. It can be a little harder when travelling abroad, though, but then you just make sure to choose foods you know are completely clean.


I’m aware of what I eat in a totally different way


What is your greatest gluten-challenge?

I don’t think it is such a great challenge. I love eating good food and today I am aware of what I can and can’t eat in a totally different way.


Is the whole family gluten free or is it only you?

It is only me, but of course we naturally will all be eating gluten free to some extent. For example, in our family bread is separate but pasta is not – we all eat gluten free pasta for purely practical reasons.


What should everybody know about gluten free lifestyle?

It doesn´t matter whether it´s ”only a little bit of flour in the batter or sauce..” – I just can´t consume gluten because it will make me very ill.


Do you label your gluten free food items so no one else takes them?

We have made it simple by only buying gluten free base goods such as flour and flakes. We look carefully at everything we buy to make very sure groceries are gluten free. When it comes to bread and other types of food, where others really don´t want my gluten free versions, we use separate trays in the fridge and freezer for gluten free and other products.

Learn a lot about food and live a richer Life.

What is your best tip for gluten free living?

I don´t really have anything specific about gluten free living, but we all love gluten free smoothies of different kinds. I always have them for breakfast and to add substance I mix in müsli. Well, maybe it doesn´t sound delicious but it´s really a perfect gluten free snack. Apart from that – learn about food. You will live a richer life instead of seeing limitations.

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