Jonas Björnänge


  • Age: 39
  • Family: wife and two kids
  • Home: Löddeköpinge
  • Gluten free living: 1 year
  • Reason for gluten free living: 1-year old daughter with gluten intolerance

My gluten freedom

Jonas Björnänge lives in Löddeköpinge with his wife and two children and works as a designer at a web agency in central Malmö. About a year ago tests concluded that his, then, 1-year old daughter was gluten intolerant, and from then on gluten was removed from the family’s diet.


Tell us about yourself

My name is Jonas Björnänge and I live in Löddeköpinge with my wife and two kids. I work as a designer with Pixelant – a web agency in downtown Malmö. About a year ago we found out that my 1-year old daughter is gluten intolerant and therefore we just stopped eating gluten. It just follows naturally that the rest of the family most often also will be eating gluten free – just to not complicate cooking. Many things work just as well while being gluten free.


How did you notice that your daughter got better without gluten?

We first found out about her gluten intolerance because she stopped eating and lost weight. After various tests and visits to Doctors it was clear that gluten was the reason. When we immediately shifted to gluten free food she very quickly recovered. Within a week her appetite returned and she was eating normally again.


What do you find most difficult about eating gluten free?

Many gluten free products can be relatively dry, tasteless or hard. For example, some cookies or biscuits can be so hard that you´re afraid to break your teeth. It is not easy to find good alternatives, even though options are improving.


What is your favorite gluten free tip?

We don´t do so much baking, but we have learnt that dough tends to be more sticky with gluten free flour and the solution is not to add more flour – you must handle the dough as it is.


Which gluten free product do you like best?

Finax Ströbröd – it works really well for battering for example.


What is your greatest challenge with gluten?

To know what is gluten free. Even when you find complete declaration of ingredients, it often doesn’t say specifically if it’s gluten free.


Do you label your daughters gluten free products so others don’t take them?

The issue is not whether someone will use her gluten free products, the real issue is for us to avoid accidentally feeding her gluten. For that reason we reserve a separate gluten free shelf in our cabinets. But before long you learn to tell things apart and what products that is gluten free.


What should everybody know about gluten free living?

It would be great if manufacturers in general would assume more responsibility and always note specifically whether a product is gluten free. Of course, it is not only flour that contains gluten and it can be very hard for the average consumer to find out – you really have to study. My hope is that the food industry jointly will take steps to label all products regarding gluten.

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