Louise Löfdahl


  • Age: 21
  • Home: Lund
  • Family: roommate and her dog Nellie
  • Gluten free living: 2 years
  • Gluten free tip: Always read labels!


Being allergic to wheat starch can bring great difficulty. As opposed to being intolerant to gluten, allergy towards wheat starch can mean that you are also even allergic to certain goods that are gluten free. Gluten free products, however, will still be a good guideline to help find products that are entirely free from wheat starch and thereby make life easier for those suffering from wheat starch allergy.


Tell us about yourself!

Louise Löfdahl, 21 years old and a student. I live with my roommate and our dog just outside Lund.


When did you start your gluten free living and why?

I actually don´t eat 100% gluten free, but almost. For a long time I have experienced problems with my digestion and stomach, so I have had some allergy tests done. The tests showed that I am allergic to wheat flour – not the gluten itself, but actually the wheat starch. Many gluten free products, such as pasta etc., are actually made from corn or rice, which then suits me perfectly.


How did you feel that you got better after switching to gluten free foods?

Well, suddenly days  passed completely without having stomach pains – and if I then ate something containing gluten the pain would come back. That really strengthened my motivation to continue eating “special” foods.


What is most difficult about eating gluten free?

Dining out at restaurants or at home with people who don´t have allergies. At home I only keep products without gluten so there is no problem. Of course, there are also some types of food or snacks that are really difficult to find without gluten. For example, it took a long time until I had my first really tasty gluten free Lucia-roll.


Which gluten free product is your favorite?

I just happen to love pasta, and I really like pasta made from rice. I think it actually is even better the next day in my lunch box rather than the pasta made from corn. I mostly make bread, pizza dough and pie dough myself but most often I buy readymade cakes. When that craving comes up ´Havre Cookies´ from CrazyBakers is a favorite!


Is your roommate also eating gluten free or is it only you?

My roommate eats the same prepared meals as me, for simplicity´s sake, but of course we also keep regular bread and other things at home, since he is not allergic. We both think gluten free tastes just as good as normal food, so it´s easy. My parents started eating gluten free when I lived at home with them and had to change my diet. They have actually continued to do so even after I moved out.


Do you label your gluten free groceries so others don´t take them?

No, we never felt a need to do that.


What is your best gluten free tip?

I have quite a few food allergies. Apart from wheat starch I am also allergic to hazel nuts, strawberries, pineapple, apples, milk, vanilla cream and some other things. In the beginning, when I had to change my diet, I must admit I didn’t like the tastes. I knew nothing better than a glass of milk and a piece of normal toast; but you adjust. For example, now I really love oatmeal yoghurt even though I didn’t like it at all to begin with. So, my best tip is to keep searching for good recipes and good products and really giving it a chance. After some time I’m sure you also will think it’s actually really good.


What should everybody know about wheat starch?

That is can also be contained in gluten free products – so always read declarations carefully!

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