Rustic Bread mix


Wheat starch (gluten-free, maximum 2 mg gluten / 100g),  oat flour (gluten-free),  skimmed milk powder,  buckwheat flakes 5 % (buckwheat flour, sugar, rice flour, colour: caramel and salt),  crushed psyllium husk,  sugar,  rosehipshellflour 1.7%,  dry yeast,  thickener (guar gum),  salt,  baking powder (E450, E500),  flour treatment agent,  wheat starch (gluten free, maximum 2 mg gluten/100g),  enzyme (amylase)

Nutrition Information

  • Energy1424 kJ/341 kcal
  • Fat0,9 g
  • - of which saturated0,1 g
  • Carbohydrates76 g
  • - of which sugars5,5 g
  • Fibre5 g
  • Protein4,8 g
  • Salt1,8 g

With this gluten-free bread mix, you can easily bake your own delicious bread. The combination of buckwheatflakes and rosehipshellflour gives a juicy and rustic bread with beautiful color and texture. All dry ingredients needed is included in the package, even including the yeast. The only thing you need to add is water. Serve as a fresh sandwich with ample toppings or as a side dish for all meals. The content of one package will provide two large loafs of bread.