Wheat starch (max 2 mg gluten/100 g),  Lactose reduced skim milk powder,  Vegetable oil (rape seed),  Crushed psyllium husk,  Thickening agent: guar gum,  Salt ,  Oligofructose,  Dry yeast.

Nutrition Information

  • Energy1550 kJ/370 kcal
  • Fat2 g
  • of which saturated<0,5 g
  • Carbohydrates82 g
  • of which sugars4 g
  • Fiber4 g
  • Protein<0,5 g
  • Salt1 g

This gluten free product is made from newly baked gluten free bread which is dried after baking. It has a mild rounded flavor with a crisp structure and golden color. Ideal for baking, cooking and battering – adding the full rich taste but without gluten.